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What does it really feel like to be in Love? When the honeymoon phase is over and the rest of your life is stretched out before you, how do you know your with the right person?

Kia celestin Posted

What does it really feel like to be in Love? When the honeymoon phase is over and the rest of your life is stretched out before you, how do you know your with the right person?


Here’s a thought. When you go to sleep at night, and you wake up in the morning, are you happy to see the person you love next to you? Or do you wish it was someone else? Do you have moments when you think, “Gosh, I am so happy.” Or do you have moments where you think, “If only…” At the end of the day, true love may not exist. I like to think it does. I dated someone for five years who I thought was the love of my life. Then I moved into a house with him, my former friend, her boyfriend and her uncle (who was young and handsome). Up until that point, I thought true love didn’t exist. I was already miserable in my relationship, but I got “the thunderbolt,” as they say in The Godfather. I fell madly in love with my current boyfriend G, my friend’s uncle. Yeah, we have our moments where we want to rip each other’s heads off; but at the end of the day, we truly want to be with each other. That’s just one form of true love. You’ll find yours. I think society in general, though, puts too much pressure on the affairs of the heart. As long as you’re happy, then you’ll know whether you’re with the right person or not.  


There are many ways you can tell you have your soulmate. Being in love is experiencing love from both the good and bad sides.  One minute you may love the person you are with and the next moment you want to ring their neck.  The key that holds it all together is you love that person no matter what they do or how they are.  You are the best of friends and you can share the most intimate parts of your life without feeling idiotic.

You are in a state of pure happiness but at the same time pure pain.  It just depends on how your communication skills are and your tolerance level.

There are several ways you can tell if someone is your soul mate or not.

1.       The woman is always brought to the man.  Take for example Eve from the Garden of Eden.  The woman was brought to the man.  He didn’t have to go look for it; it just popped down in his lap.  This is how it works today.  The man doesn’t have to put any effort in finding the woman.  It is just one day she is there right in front of him.

2.       You tell what your partner is thinking or how they might feel at the moment.  This really comes in handy when you suspect your partner might not be in a good mood.  You can tell why they are that way. You won’t know the details, just a general idea.  This happens to me all the time when I go to the grocery store.  My boyfriend forgets to tell me that he wants something and I don’t have my phone on me.  Something just tells me that he wants what I am looking at in the store and I buy it. I know exactly what and how he likes his food.  This is a god sent because the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach.

3.       You both have the same religious background.  Either both of you don’t believe in Jesus Christ or both of you do.  You can have a soul mate that just doesn’t get with the program like if you are really into studying the bible and your partner still is a believer but they just don’t.  Jerimiah in the Old Testament fell in love with a woman who slept around with every Tom, Dick and Harry.  She didn’t get with the program and Jerimiah never married her.  He was so hurt that Christ came to him and said this is the way it is going to be.  Now you know how I feel with the children of Israel.  They are whoring after other god’s and not running after me.  I want you to write about this and that is what Lamentations and the book of Jerimiah is all about.

4.       You both have the same interests and like the same things.  You don’t have to share everything but the most important things are that you like the same stuff. For example I love movie from all different kinds of eras but my boyfriend only likes old stuff or things that are period pieces.  So we compromise and I want all of his stuff and if a new piece fits his liking he watches it with me.  If he doesn’t like something you like, he understands and will let you pursue that interest.  For example, I like surfing and working online.  My boyfriend really doesn’t like computers.  He does not know how to operate one.  But he likes watching things on Roku and YouTube.  He just had me set up his email and uses it on his phone.  He couldn’t do any of that without my computer skills.  One interests just blend into the other.  

5.       When you talk it is just one long conversation that you are continuing. It just really doesn’t end.  You enjoy being with the other person so much that if either is talking about something that doesn’t interest the other person, they will just listen and contribute to the conversation anyway.

6.       You’re not really jealous of the other person.  For example, I’m a little bit over weight and my boyfriend just likes to look at pretty girls who have great bodies.  He doesn’t let it go past looking but I understand and don’t get jealous over it.  We both love each other and couldn’t stand it if we were not in each other’s company.

7.       You fight.  When you fight it is not really a fight but just a difference of opinions.  The other person accepts that you have a different point of view.  For example, I keep stuff out on the counter in the kitchen and he split milk all over the kitchen counter.  He said that it was ½ my fault and I argued back that it was 100% his fault.  We argued for a few minutes but he calmed down and laughed it all.  I got with the program and forgot about the whole thing.  You forget about mistakes and you just move on in your relationship.

Those are the most important things that most people just don’t know. There are more ways you can tell if someone is your soulmate or not and you can order free lesson from going to and ordering the right man right woman series.


I feel like you know you’re with the right person with everything is laid out on the table and you both accept each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and embrace each other’s good, bad, pretty, ugly, and quirky side. I think if you can be so angry at the person, and still want to make them a cup of coffee and cuddle with them in bed.

Rob Atomic

Love feels like, winning the lottery or a surprise party in your honor the feeling you get when you crest the top of the highest roller coaster hill and you through your hands feels like the scariest movie you’ve ever seen, don’t know whats around the corner but it some how doesn’t stop you from taking the chance, you are vulnerable and totally at ease…you know it is the right person when that person accepts you for all that you are…and there is nothing about them you can’t accept.

Trina Good

Love is when you don’t allow others to influence how you feel about your spouse, because love is blind. Sad as it may be, love can even overlook a spouse affair. So love can be a great thing yet not so good. But the Love that is good and pure is with each day, you can keep each other’s interest by doing the simplest things like just being there in each other’s presence. 

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