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What hairstyle to choose for long hair?

Jim Mcqeen Posted Anonymous deleted answer

What hairstyle to choose for long hair, some tips please!

Lika Detelina28

Choosing the right hairstyle for long hair can be a daunting task, but with a little guidance, you can find the perfect look to suit your face shape and personal style. If you have an oval face, you can opt for a sleek and straight look or loose waves that frame your face. For round faces, try a layered cut that adds volume to the crown of your head. If you have a square jawline, consider softening it with long layers or side-swept bangs. Those with heart-shaped faces can try a deep side part with loose curls or beachy waves.


I am actually paying a really huge attention to the hairstyle, and it was important for me to choose the right one according to my style and preferences. That is why is an ideal service of online courses, where are represented the most effective and professional tutorials to repeat. I am pretty sure that it is even possible to become a real professional hairstylist after watching these videos.

Nerty Nerty edited answer

Are you looking for a great haircut but worried about the high price? Then you definitely haven’t heard . Great Clips offers high-quality haircuts at affordable prices for men, women, and children. This is the world’s largest chain of hairdressing salons that I find discounts not only in fashion magazines but also on Twitter. I always use haircut coupons, because the masters of this network work in accordance with the latest trends, and are also familiar with various technical knowledge.


I was in the same situation a year ago actually! Always wanted to get a haircut but couldn’t find a discount coupon for a haircut. But I still decided and I can say that how to cut your hair depends on the type of your hair! If your hair is curly, I’d cut it a little longer if I were you, and cut it just a few inches, but if your hair isn’t very curly, I’d cut it to shoulder length! I went from butt length hair to a longer bob and I love it! So much easier to manage!

Alison Hardy Alison Hardy edited answer

Hello! As for me, it’s better to choose a practical and simple hairstyle in such cases. Long hair can be a lot of trouble, but beauty requires sacrifice. I can recommend the excellent article about long haircuts. There you will find a lot of interesting and useful things for you and the hairstyle that you need. Good luck!

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