What impact did airplanes have in World War 1 and World War 2?

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1 Answer

they did not have much or enough impact on world war 1 because you could say they were still in experimental stages.but in the 20 years that followed alot of countries sought to improve the airplanes and airforces because they realised the impact it could have on a battlefield.in world war 2 they had a massive impact,germany and japan suffered from the powere of the plane more than any other countries.planes could destroy any target it seen,other planes,ships,tanks,buildings,bunkers etc.also the combined allied airforces airplanes ran into the hundreds of thousands,so they would not produce that many if they were not having an impact.the american airforce alone had around 85,000 aircraft and 8,500,000 men during world war 2. more
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