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What is a bomb cyclone?

alan avak30 Posted

What is a bomb cyclone?


Explosive cyclogenesis  is the rapid deepening of an extratropical cyclonic low-pressure area. Even though only a minority of the bombs become so strong, some have caused significant damage.

Bomb cyclone occurs when a non-tropical storm experiences at least a 24 millibar drop within 24 hours. Low pressure makes for intense storms, so a bomb cyclone is a system that’s built up a significant amount strength in a short length of time.


Bomb Cyclone means an Intense Swirling Storm.


Games for girls are an activity often used for entertainment and sometimes also used as an educational tool.


This came from an Hindi slang बम(Bomb) चक्रवात (Cyclone).

Even before 233 million years ago on earth when there was no life on earth, There have been incident and proofs to declare that extra terrestrial life was there.

These extraterrestrial elements used to inhale carbon monoxide and Methane and oxygen was poisonous to them.

The Ulka Pind when hit the earth, due to sudden impact the pressure went too low inside the earth and resulting the ice storm on earth, which these ETs predicted and created the humans who can survive post damage on earth.


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