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What is a good food to eat in Ireland?


There are at least a dozen traditional dishes that you should definitely try when you visit Ireland. Don’t miss out on the Irish stew, which is often considered the country’s national dish. Existing since the 1800s, this stew traditionally consists of lamb, although the dish has evolved over the years and has welcomed other types of meat. 

The Irish are also big on potatoes, so another popular dish that you should try is the colcannon. It is a combination of simple ingredients that are available all year round such as potatoes and cabbage or kale, but despite the simplicity, this is a tasty comfort food.

There’s also the Irish soda bread, bacon, cabbage, Boxty, Dublin Coddle, I could go on and on. What surprised me when I visited Donegal, Ireland was how tasty their pastries and sandwiches are! Even their breakfast plates seemed elevated, despite consisting of simple ingredients such as scrambled eggs and sausages. I honestly think that the Irish are great cooks! Here is my favorite of all the Donegal shops I went to. This place has a nice, cozy coffee shop with plenty of yummy food and drink options.

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