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What is an HTD Model?


What is an HTD Model?  Someone said to me that they have mastered creating an HTD model for the Snowflake Data Cloud?


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The HTD model, also known as the Hierarchy of Tasks and Decisions, is a framework used to analyze complex systems and processes. This model breaks down tasks and decisions into hierarchical levels, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of their interdependencies. Additionally, the HTD model can be effectively applied in various fields, from project management to strategic planning, with the aid of visual aids such as diagrams and video tutorials.

Georgina Starmer20

Hi Dan,

HTD stands for Hire, Train, Deploy. It is a model used by employers looking to hire new talent, train them in a specific skill (in this case Snowflake Data Cloud), and get them ready to work quickly.

Using a framework allows employers to lower the cost of recruitment and make the process more efficient.

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