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What Is an iPhone Microsite?


What Is an iPhone Microsite?

Josue Rivera

iPhone microsites are websites that are specially formatted so that you can comfortably see them on your iPhone’s screen and they’re also formatted to work with the iPhones’ unique configuration. 

A regular website may be automatically complemented by a microsite which detects and reacts to iPhone visitors. It doesn’t have to complement a normal website though, it can also stand alone. It can be identified with a unique url that is different from the one used for the normal website. 

The most helpful company that works with iPhone microsites is iPhone Microsites LLC which offers complete microsite development  packages that don’t burn a whole in your pocket at all. iPhone microsites allow companies to reach out to the ever growing population of iPhone users. More and more people use iPhones every day and apple’s app store basically has no competition and it doesn’t look like android will be catching up to it anytime soon. 

Although the information above refers to iPhones specifically, there are just normal microsites that a company may use which carry out the same function as that of an iPhone microsite. 

Microsites are also known as minisites or weblets that, like an iPhone microsite, function as supplements to normal websites. They’re usually used to add a specialized group of information with there being two types, editorial or commercial. 

When used for editorial purposes, microsites are usually a page or group of pages that gives information about an event, more than the main website does. 

When used for commercial purposes, microsites are used to deliver in depth information about a particular product. 


The greatest inventions in history have evolved from a need. They have usually solved a problem that plagued a lot of people. An iPhone microsite does just that. It solves a problem that plagues website owners and iPhone users worldwide. The release of Apple’s iPhone revolutionized mobile phone technology and web browsing with its ease of use. One of the most talked-about features of the iPhone has been its ability to use Safari to browse the “real” Internet. However, until recently, this appealing idea has proven to be less than rewarding insofar as the larger pixel configuration used by most websites designed to display information on a full screen did not translate well to the iPhone’s different shape and size. Because of that, the iPhone’s ability to see and access data and pictures on most websites was plagued by problems and content which was hard to read and interact with – until now. Enter the iPhone Microsite We’re beginning to see the arrival of websites formatted specificall

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