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What is beach reclamation?

beach reclamation

What is beach reclamation?


Beach reclamation is the act of reclaiming a beach from erosion. In other words sand is added to the area that was lost to erosion “reclaiming” the shoreline that once was. Reclamation does not just occur on ocean beaches but any beach or shoreline that is subject to severe erosion. How is it done? Beach reclamation is often done through a process called dredging. Dredging is the process of scooping from the bottom of a water source a material. You may have heard of dredging when a person has drowned. Police dredge or take a device along the bottom of the body of water in an effort to locate the body of the victim. However, in beach reclamation the material retrieved is sand. The use of a vacuum-like device is often used in areas like lakes and rivers to obtain the sand. Once the sand is obtained, it is deposited at the site. Sand is either directly applied or the sand that has been gathered is cleaned through a heat process and then deposited. The sand extends the shoreline to its org

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