What is Fireproof Insulation?

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Fireproof insulation is insulation made of a fire retardant material. It may be used in building materials, clothing or other applications fireproofing is needed. Fireproof insulation may be made from special materials not normally used for other applications, or may be standard insulating materials coated with a fireproof layer. Fireproof insulation is usually made of one of four basic types of materials. Each material has its benefits, its appropriate uses and its limitations. These materials include fiberglass, glass wool, polymers and natural products, which may or may not be treated with other substances. It is important, when looking at materials, to understand that fireproof insulation types may only be most effective at certain temperatures. Once those temperatures are exceeded, the entire material could be broken down and the fireproof insulation would become ineffective. Fiberglass should only be used to temperatures up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100° Celsius). Glass wool ... more
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