What is the ``alcohol evaporator'' or ``alcohol injector'' on my bus?

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I am not an expert on brakes, but here is what I think is happening. When you compress air it gets hot. When you release the pressure, it gets cool. If you compress the air, cool it while it is still compressed, and then release the pressure, it winds up cooler than when you started. (This is how a conventional air conditioner works, though they use some referigerant like Freon(tm) rather than air.) Now here's the problem: there is a little bit of moisture in the air. When you drop the temperature of the air, the moisture tends to ``fall out''. You get puddles of water collecting here and there in the brake system. Mostly, a little water in the air system is okay, but more than a little is a problem. Water does not compress and spring back like air, so if water accumulates in the air storage tanks, it effectively reduces the size of the tank. As more and more water accumulates, your brake capacity goes down and down. At first you won't notice, but if you need to apply the brakes ... more
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