What is the difference between a medallion signature guarantee and a notary?

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1 Answer

A Notary Public is a person commissioned by a State to serve citizens as an impartial witness to a transaction. A Notary is a public officer who executes acknowledgements of deeds or writings in order to render them available as evidence of the facts therein contained; and administers oaths and affirmations as to the truth of statements contained in papers or documents requiring the administration of an oath. A Medallion Guarantee is used only in situations involving the sale or transfer of securities. The Medallion indicates that the financial institution providing the stamp has been defined by SEC Rule 17-Ad15 as an eligible Guarantor and has met all STAMP Program qualifications, including submission of a STAMP Surety Bond. By participating in the Medallion Program, including compliance with Program Regulations, financial institutions can guarantee customer signatures with the assurance that their guarantees will be accepted for processing by Transfer Agents. A Medallion Guarantor ...
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