What is the main difference between the victorian era & the renaissance era?

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I've never been to a renaissance fair, as we don't have them here, but my neice does elizabethan costuming, and also has an Italian Renaissance dress. I have also read websites by costumers at Renaissance fairs, so I know what they usually mean by Renaissance (which for the upper classes is usually elizabethan) Victorian is very different from both of these (Iatalian Renaissance and Elizabethan), first of all the corset is a different shape, the victorian corset was curvy, designed to reduce the waist, where as in Elizabethan times the corset (though it wasn't called that) had a straight front and generally did not reduce the waist (it was to provide a smooth conical shape and support the breasts) With her Italian Ren she had no corset, but a fitted underdress, which still only supported. With her elizabethan she has a small round farthengale (skirt with hoops) with a petticoat or two over the top, with a gown over that have a look here http://www.elizabethancostume.net/overview.html ... more
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