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What is the purpose of the Great Seal of the United States?


What is the purpose of the Great Seal of the United States?


You wrote your name on the question you sent in to Andy. Later in life you may sign your name to an important paper, such as a lease or a marriage license. Your signature shows that you wrote it and that you know why you wrote it. Our country also has a way to write her signature. This is done with the Great Seal of the United States. When this round seal is stamped on a paper, it means that our country has put her name to that paper and stands by what is written. Naturally, the great seal is not used every day or for unimportant papers. It is used on written treaties made with other nations and on the papers that appoint certain of our government officials. It may also be used on proclamations that make important statements to the American people. If you wish to study the pictures on the Great Seal, you will find them on a one dollar bill. The dollar bill has a picture of each side of the big round seal that bears the signature of our country.

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