What kind of diseases did passengers on the Mayflower get?

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Regarding diseases, we know for sure that many of the passengers were seasick. During the months after the Mayflower arrived in Plymouth Harbor, many passengers and crew got sick and died. They had not been eating well, and many were weak. It is possible that many died of pneumonia. How many children died on the Mayflower voyage? What kind of food did the children eat? None of the children died on the voyage, but one child was born. The ship carried food that would not go bad easily. The Pilgrims ate dried meat and fish, grains like oatmeal, crackers, and cheese. They had very little fruits and vegetables. Did they have any books to read on the Mayflower? Was there school instruction on the Mayflower? The passengers on the Mayflower packed all their favorite things for the voyage to North America. After all, they did not expect to return to England. So, many families would have their Bible with them. That is the only book I know for sure was onboard. There was not any regular ... more
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