What kinds of fabrics are used in cross stitch?

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What kinds of fabrics are used in cross stitch?


Types of fabric used in cross stitch….

Aida fabric is an open weave or block-weave fabric that is particularly suited to cross stitch as it has the same number of thread groupings horizontally and vertically (and technically an evenweave). Typical counts (holes per linear inch) are 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 22 count. Aida is usually stitched into every hole which means partial stitches are harder to do. Aida comes in a variety of colours but common colours include White, Cream, Ecru, and Tan. It shouldn’t be laundered prior to use and a finished item only hand washed with soap and water.

Aida Band is a strip of Aida fabric trimmed to size for items such as bookmarks, cushion trims and cake bands. It is usually neatly edged with a decorative trim.

Binca is a low count (usually 6 count) block-weave cotton fabric, which makes it ideal for beginners, starter kits and for those with less than perfect eyesight.

Evenweave. The common use of the term evenweave is used to refer to very smooth and regular fabrics, usually made from cotton or a blend of natural and man-made fibres, where the warp and weft threads are the same size, which results in square stitches. Most evenweave fabrics are worked over two threads, so a 28 count evenweave would result in the same size cross stitch as 14 count Aida. (n.b. Technically an Evenweave fabric or canvas is any woven textile where you have the same number of warp and weft threads per inch, which therefore includes Aida, evenweave linen and needlepoint canvas, however the common use of the term evenweave excludes these, especially Aida).

Linen is an evenweave fabric is made from flax. The threads used to create the fabric vary slightly in diameter which means the holes in the fabric aren’t all consistently spaced, and therefore cross stitches won’t all be the same size. This makes linen harder to work with and usually more suitable for experienced stitchers. Linen will very much be in character with a traditional sampler or other design and will also age well. Linen is usually worked over two threads (which helps to smooth out irregularities), so a 28 count linen would have 14 stitches per inch. Linen counts vary from 14 to 40. The two main brands are Zweitgart and Permin.

Other materials include perforated paper, plastic canvas and vinylweave.


All counted needlework is worked on an evenweave fabric. An evenweave fabric has evenly spaced horizontal and vertical threads. Aida Fabric is an evenweave ideal for counted cross stitch. This firm cotton fabric is woven to produce blocks of threads with holes between, and it is worked with one stitch over one square. Our kits usually use 14-, 16- or 18 count Aida. Linen may have a weave that is either even or uneven, however, linens in our kits Will always be an evenweave. Like Aida they have evenly spaced threads, but these threads might not all be the same thickness. This natural fibre is softer than Aida and is harder to work with. The count is higher, usually between 18- and 36-count, and stitching is worked across two holes. Evenweave Sometimes we may describe a fabric as “evenweave”. This describes a fabric that is much softer than Aida, and is often a blend of fibres.

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