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What should I do if my home survey uncovers a lot of issues with the property?

Real Estate

When that happens, it’s important to take a step back and evaluate the situation calmly. In my opinion, your first move should be to discuss the findings with your surveyor.

A good team of chartered surveyors Hertfordshire can give you their professional opinion on the severity of the issues and the potential costs involved in addressing them.

From there, you might want to consider renegotiating the price with the seller. If the problems are significant, it is reasonable to ask for a lower price to account for the repairs.

Another approach could be to ask the seller to fix certain issues before proceeding with the purchase. This saves you the trouble of having to coordinate the repairs yourself later.

If nothing else works, you can always walk away from the deal. This can be a difficult decision, but saving you from making bad investments is one of the main reasons to have a team like Hugh Greenhouse Chartered Surveyors look over the property to begin with.

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