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what states recipricate florida wastewater licenses

sam van dunk Posted

what states recipricate florida wastewater licenses

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At this time Florida does not offer reciprocity with any other state or foreign country. You are required to:

  • successfully complete a Department approved training course,
  • pass the state licensing examination and
  • document the appropriate amount of hands-on operational experience for the license type and level that you are applying for.                                                

    Prior to submitting an examination application, please provide the following information so that your out-of-state treatment plant operator license can be evaluated for the comparable licensing level in Florida. If your higher level of licensing can be determined to be equivalent to a Florida license, you will be eligible to test at a higher level of examination than the entry level. For approval you will need to submit the following:

  • • A copy of your current and active out-of-state license
  • • A complete flow diagram and detailed description of all plant treatment processes and operations and plant flow type
  • • Verification of experience signed by a supervisor and/or licensed operator. Verification letter(s) must be on company letterhead and include dates of employment, hours worked per week, overtime hours if applicable, and a detailed description of duties performed. Leaving off any one item will hinder your approval. Submit an employment resume.
  • • A copy of the laws and rules of your state showing the level of certification and years of experience required for the level of license you wish to apply for examination in Florida.

    Once the evaluation is completed, you can expect to receive a written response from the Operator Certification Program Administrator reflecting pre-approval of the credited amount of experience hours and license level you are eligible to apply for. One you are approved you will be ready to begin the process of the DEP examination.

    Experience is defined as on-site or hands-on operational experience in a treatment plant. All experience must be verified by signature of a supervisor and/or a licensed operator from the same state. Experience must be verified by plant type in which you have worked or are presently working, indicating time worked in on-site plant operation, with these stipulations:

  • Waste water treatment plants must have a system for solids control
  • Water treatment plant experience must be gained in drinking water plants. (Experience gained from water systems used for swimming pools is excluded.)
  • Operators under contract for the operation of several plants must identify level, class and, if applicable, the name of each plant operated and name of the contracting company. Submit evaluation information to:

    Florida Department of Environmental Protection
    Operator Certification Program
    Ronald McCulley, Program Administrator
    2600 Blair Stone Road, MS3506
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400

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