What Teaching Strategies Best Motivate 4th Grade Students?

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Crystal Vargas Throughout my educational career as a student, I have been taught by some of the very best teachers and some of the very worst teachers. When I reflect on what kind of teacher defines the best I think about two teachers that really helped me reach my potential in and out of the classroom. They challenged me in a way that gave me the motivation to do my very best. Their teaching techniques varied and most importantly they made learning fun. When I think about the worst teachers, I think about a few teachers who were teaching because they had to not because they wanted to. The entire school year was a pattern of reading out of the book, answering chapter questions, and writing reports. Traditional teaching techniques can be successful if its coupled with non-traditional techniques. Ideally, it would be great to enter a classroom with 25 self-motivated students. In most cases, this will never happen. However, teachers can and should find ways to capture their students so ... more
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