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What would win in a fight Lion v a polar bear?


What would win in a fight Lion v a polar bear?


First thing to consider is the location for the combat…a lion will never win a battle against the polar bear in it natural habitat. If we are talking about the Savannah there is tendency for the polar bear to slowly adapt to it environment.

But here is the fact, polar bears are larger, heavier and stronger that a male lion. Nature as equipped them with a thick skin and super sharp claws which can put the lion in real danger with just one swipe.

Well, the only chance a lion as is to attack with it pride, anything aside from that…the polar bear wins


It pains me to say it, because I love bears and have spent most of my life studying them, but the lion would win. Despite the bear’s greater size, the lion is simply a more powerful animal, adapted to killing prey bigger than itself. It’s so nimble that the bear would be lucky even to land a blow on it – the lion would use its superior agility to keep out of the bear’s reach whilst inflicting repeated wounds with its claws, and pull down and kill the bear once it was exhausted. Risus – a gorilla certainly could NOT snap a lion’s neck! A lion is far bigger and stronger than a gorilla and could kill the ape in a matter of seconds. Remember, the gorilla’s main predator is the leopard, a cat much smaller and weaker than the lion.

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