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Where can i take a Google Candidate Survey?

Anonymous Posted

Where can i take a Google Candidate Survey?


If you are looking to get hired, then I think Google sends a  survey to the candidates who comes onsite even if they do not received any job offer.


Currently, there is a very different perception of the labour force in the market. If you are a professional then you should be paid accordingly. But don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a job or haven’t found yourself yet, you just need to try several directions, and then you will understand what your priority is and what you need to do in order to make good money. You can find a job using the offers on the Careery website, where you can submit one application form and send it out to thousands of employers. I think this will speed up your job search a lot.


Don’t get hung up on a single job position. If you cannot find the “ideal” option for a long time, reconsider your search parameters. For example, you want to be a production manager, because you have 10 years of experience, an excellent resume, and in general, it’s a pity for the developments. But there are no vacancies for such a position, and if there are, then recruiters do not bombard you with calls.

If this is the case, think carefully about what other work you would agree to do. Maybe you’ve dreamed of becoming a chef for a long time? Yes, to begin with, you have to literally live at work, stand on the cut, get less than your boss. But then you can grow up to the chief.

What is your question?

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