Where did the idea of leprechauns come from?

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1 Answer

Leprechauns are the most well-known solitary fairy in Ireland and Irish people’s beliefs about them are very fascinating. They are popular figures in the Irish folklores. These two feet tall elves are believed to be often found wearing cocked hats, leather aprons, silver shoes and glasses. They are great shoemakers. Many Irish believe that Leprechauns usually dress in green clothes made of costly material. This may be because they have sacks of gold and gardens of four-leaf clover and shamrock so they are rich and always lucky. They are pipe smokers who love drinking beer and Irish whiskey. It is believed that Leprechauns will drown in a light rain, float away in a breezy day and get buried in a snowstorm. They are known for their naughty ways. These solitary fairies may be the ones playing tricks on humans whom they regard as foolish, flighty and greedy. From myths, these foul-mouthed Leprechauns are self-appointed guardians of ancient treasure left by Vikings. Leprechauns would ... more
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