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Which breed of dog is easy to handle and care?

Emile Janson Posted

Which breed of dog is easy to handle and care?

Shubham Bali

Labrador retrievers are very easy to handle and care. They are playful and very loving. They can be trained easily.


It depends on your lifestyle. Some dogs may be easy to handle because you have a lot of time, some may not be because of the time, again. I’ve had almost all types of breed. From the smallest breed, with short fur, doesn’t require a lot of exercise, to the ones who are medium to large breed, double coated fur, and requires about 30 minutes to an hour of exercise. There’s also the dependent dogs who wants to be around you at all time or the independent who will only give you attention for the first 10 minutes and then go off to doing what they want to. You have to make sure you ask yourself the questions of:

1) Do I have at least 30 minutes to an hour to feed, play, train, and take the dog out to potty?

2) Do I have the expenses for food, grooming care (this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take the dog to groomers, you just need to be able to provide the products and equipments if you aren’t taking them), vet care, and accessories?

3) Will I be able to commit to having this dog for the rest of it’s 10-15 years of it’s life?

4) What are some of my hobbies and can my dog be a part of it?

5) Will this dog be an indoor or outdoor dog, or both?


There’s more you should ask yourself, but these are the main ones in my opinion. Again, it depends on your lifestyle and your time management. Once you have a dog, they become a part of your family and commitment is the key to knowing if that certain dog is a great fit for you.


Burlan Vlad

A lab is always a great choice but this depends on wether you want an inside dog or an outside dog. A lab can be both is highly responsive, very smart and easly trainable. If you want an inside pet look for a small one it’s much easier to handle him and he does way less mess.


i have an Irish Wolfhound and he was super easy to train, is well behaved and though he loves attention can be left alone too. this is not a particulary active breed so if you are only wanting short walks and not a lot of excercise this might be the dog for you. I would however reccomend you do your research before purchasing any dog to make sure the fit is right for you and your family

Lessie Baker

All dogs require a lot of care. There is no such thing as an “easy dog”. Having a dog is like having a newborn in the house.

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