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Which do you prefer, inner beauty or outer beauty?


Some people become judgemental when it comes to the inner and outer beauty of a person.


Inner beauty, because it illuminates the outer beauty. You could be beautiful outside but if inside you are mean, vain, self-seeking, acrimonious, etc it dims your outer beauty.


It’s important for me to have everything. I love eyes, as and all men. I like beautiful women, but when a girl is stupid, I lose my interest in her. It matters to me. I’m talking to pretty girls here¬†.¬†They are not only beautiful, but also smart. It turns me on!


Absolutely! its the Inner beauty, because What comes out within our inner self attitude have a great impact to one’s outer beauty. The graciously inner attitude of a person comes out easily to the physical appearance of every individual. As if a person showing his or her attitude with a good inner manner, it will easily show to his or her physical appearance the glow or good aura of individuals the so called outer beauty. So if we showed bad attitude we cant have inner beauty as well as outer beauty instead the result is outer ugliness.

Lucas Bouson

Inner beauty.
It is just how it feel, maybe because outer beauty are just the shell of the soul and it is more superficial.
Inner beauty are full of mysteries, surprises aswell !


Inner beauty vs outter umm. Inner beauty is phenomenal. On the outside a person can be beyond recognition but their insides, unquestionable. They way a person treats others genuinely tell you who they are.

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