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Which foods can destroy my kitchen pipes?

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Which foods can destroy my kitchen pipes?

Kate Horder0

This should be common knowledge, but you’ll be surprised at how many people still throw oil and grease down their drains. When oil or grease goes down the drain, it can cool, harden, and eventually clog your pipes. To discard oil or grease properly, let it solidify first and throw it in the garbage.

Another seemingly innocent food product that could destroy your kitchen pipes is coffee grinds. When wet, they could cling to your pipes like cement. Instead of throwing them down your sink, you can use them as fertilizer instead.

It’s easy for some to assume that their garbage disposal can handle anything but that’s not true especially when it comes to eggshells. The proteins in eggshells do not dissolve in water and can stick to the pipes, plus the sharp edges of the shells can get stuck in your garbage disposal motors.

In some instances, simple clogs can be remedied with a drain cleaner. But if you’ve been quite neglectful and reckless of what you throw down your sink, your pipes might require a professional inspection. If you’re looking for a plumber in Guildford, visit

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