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Who can help me to prepare for work after my disability?

Ronald Bevill Posted

Who can help me to prepare for work after my disability?


If you are someone who has gone through a disability, then I feel your pain. I lost the ability to drive after an accident years ago. I was driving for a living, so it killed my income.

However, I had picked up some very transferable skills, and I was confident that I could still work. I live in Australia, so I reached out to a group called atWork Australia. They offered excellent advice on how I could turn around my situation.

The main thing that I found with atWork is that they helped me to understand two things: the skills I had and the skills I lacked. That was essential as previously, I was only focusing on what I did have as opposed to what I lacked. Now that I knew where to focus my energies, I started to improve and grow. Now, I work in the IT field, and while it might not be my dream job of driving, it is great fun.

It feels just rewarding, in general, to be out working and doing something with my life again. For too long, I felt like I had no real prospects – I was just a former employee with nerve damage. Now I can work thanks to the skills focus that atWork helped me to tune into.

Without that, I probably would have just kept going down the same line that I was. atWork helped me to see where my skills were lacking, and now I have found meaningful employment again. I am sure that a similar service exists where you are, so I recommend looking into it.

If you are also an Australian, then I recommend contacting atWork Australia today.

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