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Who is Biz Stone?

Jay jay Posted

Who is Biz Stone?

Frank B

Biz Stone (his full name was Christopher Isaac Stone) is one of the founders of Twitter.  He also worked at Blogger with Evan Willams who is one of the other co-founders.  He is thoroughly involved with many social media startups and helped to create and launch a new Blogger, Odeo, Obvious, and Xanga.   He also serves as an advisor to, (which he co-founded),, and the non-profit organization Biz grew up in Wellesley, Massachusetts and was interested from an early age in theater and graphic arts.  He ended up dropping out of University of Massachusetts though and started design work at Little, Brown, and Company in Boston.  He then worked at Xanga and then Williams pursuaded him to move west and join Blogger.  After joining Blogger which became part of Google he stayed at Google for 20 months and then left in 2005 to do more startups with Evan Williams.  He worked on Odeo with Mr. Williams and Noah Glass.  When Odeo wasn’t working out they stripped off the podcasting component and kept the social netwoking tool and created Twitter. He currently lives in Berkeley, CA with his wife, Livia.He is also an accomplished debator and won a competion in the fall of 2008 at Oxford Union against the proposition, "The Problems of Tomorrow Are Bigger Than The Entrepreneurs of Today".  One of his teammates was Reid Hoffman the founder of LinkedIn.

Biz has published the following two books about social media:

  • Blogging: Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content (New Riders, 2002)
  • Who Let The Blogs Out? (St Martins, 2004).

You can see his official linkedin profile here: his own web site here: are some presentations he provided on youtube:




Twitter co-founder Biz Stone appeared on an American TV show with host Stephen Colbert.

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