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Who is Bonnie Hammer?

Victoria Hong Posted

Who is Bonnie Hammer?

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Bonnie Hammer is the President of NBC Universal Cable. Prior to this, she was the President of SyFy and the USA Network (both networks are owned by NBC Universal). Hammer first got her professional start as a programming executive in New York at Lifetime Television where she oversaw production of an award-winning series of documentaries. 

She graduated from the Boston University College of Communications and also has a master’s degree in Media Technology from the University’s School of Education in 1975. 

Bonnie Hammer is the evil spawn of Satan responsible for cancelling The Invisible Man in spite of it being the network’s second highest rated show, dropping Legend of the Rangers because it failed to meet some arbitrary East Coast rating number after going up against the highest rated football game in decades (west coast numbers after the game was off the air were over a full point higher than expectations), issuing a press release that the network would be focussing programming away from anything dealing with “space”, and oh yeah … single handedly turning the Sci Fi Channel in to USA 2. And that’s just for starters …

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