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Why Choose UNVAs Graduate Programs?

graduate Programs UNVA
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Why Choose UNVAs Graduate Programs?


The University of Northern Virginia offers traditional programs in business, computer sciences and related professional or career fields to qualified students at the post-secondary level. UNVA is an American university with an international perspective. Attendance at UNVA is conducive to the building of a strong sense of the student’s confidence and self-worth. The university encourages active student participation and individualized faculty-student interaction. The variety of cultural backgrounds to be found at UNVA brings a special dimension to the relationship between the students. The educational experience of UNVA’s students is not limited to that which is offered in the classroom and found in textbooks; it offers the students a valuable opportunity to compare the American system with those to be found in their own countries. The result is a sense of personal involvement and a strengthened sense of confidence. UNVA is a community of learning whose members, including administration

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