Why did LBJ have four buttons installed in the Oval Office?"

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No, the four buttons installed by LBJ in the Oval Office had nothing to do with the nation's security. Instead, they were simply a way to make it easy to dispense beverages to visitors or as desired by the President. The buttons allowed him to easily disperse coffee, tea, Coke, or Fresca, his own personal favorite. more
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Lydon Baines Johnson or LBJ (August 27,1908-January 22, 1973) who served the 36th President of U.S.A from 1963 to 1969 prior to his post of Vice President of U.S. from 1961-1963, has been discovered that his favorite beverage was Fresca, and he was so glued to it that he even installed his personal serving-fountain in the office. Recently his great delight in the drink was posed as a question on the “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” on the Sunday episode. The question put was “For ordering his favorite beverages on demand LBJ had installed in the Oval Office labeled “coffee”, “tea”, “Coke” and what? Option A: Fresca, Option B:V8, Option C:Yoo-Hoo, Option D: A&W. The contestant Ken Basin from L.A, CA, showed a dubious insight on the topic and faltered by saying Yoo-Hoo, for which he failed to gain a hand on $1000000 (prize money) offered in the show. According to sources the President had four favorites and Fresca was just one of them, so the question was a tricky one to answer! Tea, ... more

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