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Why did my insurer refuse to pay my car accident claim?


Why did my insurer refuse to pay my car accident claim?

Kate Horder20

It’s hard to say without complete details, but usually, insurers send out letters to explain their reasons for the denial. It doesn’t mean that they were right to do so, however. After all, insurance companies are businesses, and they want to limit the amounts they pay out as much as they can.

One reason your claim could be denied is if you were underinsured. To avoid this, review your insurance policy and reassess how much coverage you need.

Another reason for a claim’s denial is filing it late. Your insurer could justify that they didn’t have enough time to investigate the scene and verify the evidence.

Lastly, your claim could be denied due to missing information. If you didn’t file a police report or didn’t seek medical evaluation, your insurer could undermine your claim’s credibility.

Sometimes, insurance companies will just deny your claim in bad faith. If you believe this to be the case, be sure to contact The Ellis Firm to work with the leading car accident attorney in Temecula.

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