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Why Green Life appeal to stop RAI (Radioactive Iodine treatment)?

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Why Green Life appeal to stop RAI (Radioactive Iodine treatment)?


Over 98% of hyperthyroid patients can be cured completely with Thyroid Throu. Patients can get the exactly same health condition as normal person with natural Thyroid Throu treatment. Many patients don’t know thyroid gland is EXTRMELY important to human. It controls all the metabolism in human body. This is why Green Life appeals to stop using RAI to destroy human thyroid gland. The disadvantage of RAI: 1. Radioactive Iodine will destroy patient’s thyroid gland. It is irreversible! Human can’t re-born a new thyroid gland. 2. Other organs also will be affected after taken the radioactive iodine. 3. Child, female unmarried and pregnant woman should avoid RAI. 4. Patients will find they are much easier to become older than others. All the organs will lose function easily. They will easy to lose memory, with slow motion and always fatigue.

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