How do I choose topics for a question on Experts123?

Frank Bell Posted

How do I choose topics for a question on Experts123?

Frank Bell

Choose a topic that already exists when possible by choosing from the list of topics that appear as you type.  If the topic you want is not in the system, you may add it as a new topic. Please see How should topics be named on Experts123?

 “This question is about _______.”

Fill in the blank with a topic that most accurately pinpoints what the question is about. In general, topics added to questions should be as specific as possible. Use broader topics only if the question would be interesting to most or all of the followers of the broader topic.

Adding Multiple Topics

You may add multiple topics to a question. Make your best attempt to add the topic that is most relevant to the question first. Avoid the practice of adding too many topics in an attempt to reach a wider audience. We are constantly working on new ways of surfacing content that is relevant and interesting to users, and our methods rely on the quality of topics on questions, not the quantity.