Does the employer by law have to provide written notification of termination and if so, how far in advance?

alan avak Posted

A friend of mine had this question:

I was called at work in a large corporation in mid-September by HR and told orally that my last day of work would be 10/30 and I would get an email with the details of the severance the following day.  I never received anything, in writing or otherwise, until a FedEx package with the terms of the severance arrived at my house on 10/30, terminating me (and my health insurance) that day.

Does the employer by law have to provide written notification of termination and if so, how far in advance?  (The company’s handbook states either party can end employment at will.)

Piera Rosini

You have to know your state laws.   CT is an at will state.   You do not have to have reason to let a per go but you do have have fill out the termination forms ( Unemployment notice form) and you should mail out their last paycheck within 3 business days.

sheryll sheryll

I think that it depends on what state you are located in, sounds as though it is a ‘hire at will’ state, in which case, no they don’t have to give you advanced notice, and as a matter of fact they won’t say anything untill they can hand you your final paycheck (most of the time) because they only have 48 hours from the time they fire you to pay you so to avoid any possible trouble they just pay you at the time they do it!  If they know they are going to they may put you on a suspension or a leave and then fire you.  Same goes for employees!  two week notices are a curtesy, and if you quit they have 72 hours to pay you.


Yes. As per my knowledge Employer can take this action. But this depends on the initial agreement they have agreed with employee at the recruitment. If there is a clause regarding power of termination, advantage is always with employer. But there should be a reason for termination and that should be a acceptable for employee as well.

Ex: Bad performance rate of the employee in last appraisal.

Or else employee can make an inquiry in labor department of relevant country.

Axm Malik

Yes, they have to provide the written notification for avoiding the penalties from the worker.

Moronke Oluwatoyin

From legal perspective, there is contractual relationship between the employer and employee. Termination of contract must comply with laid down rules. Unfair termination due to discrimination or other constitute breach of contract.