How do animals adapt to their environment?

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1 Answer

To adapt means to change or adjust for a purpose. For animals the purpose of adapting is to be able to survive in the environment that they live in. All living things have to make adaptations to survive in their environment. Adaptations take a very long time. Some take many thousands of years. But that's what living things have to do to survive. On of the main parts of survial is to make adaptations to your habitat. If the environment changes and you can't adapt you can't survive. Adaptation can work in two ways. The best example of this is camouflage. A chameleon can change its color according to its surroundings. Think about how this helps protect it. Not only does it help protect the chameleon, it also helps it survive in another way. Because it blends in so well with its surroundings, insects are less likely to see or notice it. By blending in it also makes it a better hunter, it can hunt without being seen, In fact, it is such an efficient adaptation that hunting is probably the ... more
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