How Do You Edge A Concrete Driveway?

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1 Answer

A well-poured concrete driveway has crisp clear edges that form a definitive boundary between the driveway and the surrounding landscape. This edge is created during the forming of the driveway, soon after the concrete is poured into place. The edge on the driveway isn't merely for appearance. A clean, smoothed edge keeps your vehicle from incurring tire damage if it should slip from the driveway's surface, keeps the concrete slab from cracking due to expansion and contraction, and also helps with maintenance of the landscape surrounding the driveway. Drag a screed along the surface of the freshly poured concrete in order to level the concrete. Use a screed long enough to span the width of the concrete, extending slightly over the forms holding the slab in place. Have a helper hold the other end and use a back and forth sawing motion to move the concrete on the surface of the slab, spreading it evenly against the forms. Start from the top of the driveway and work towards the street. ... more
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