How Do You Make A Model Car With Household Items?

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1 Answer

You can make a detailed model car using a few common household items. Model cars are small scale representations of full sized vehicles. A model that is based on an existing car needs to closely follow the design features and form to be easily recognizable. A model car made from household items is an inexpensive way to learn the elements of model making and custom design, without spending the money on a kit. Disassemble a sturdy corrugated cardboard box until all the sections are flat and single panel width. Sketch each panel of the car's outer body in pencil directly onto the cardboard using a real car or photos as reference. Draw the side panel of the car only once so it can be traced to create identical sides. The hood, roof and trunk panels must be 4 inches wide or less so the axles will fit. Place the cardboard outlines on a cutting board and use a utility razor knife to cut them out carefully. Trace the cutout of the side panel and cut out the duplicate. Apply rubber cement to ... more
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