How Do You Make Cinnamon Air Fresheners?

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1 Answer

This article will explain the steps to create easy and beautiful cinnamon air fresheners for your home. You can make them most any shape or size. Mix cinnamon and room temperature applesauce together to form a dough. You can use a mixing bowl and spoon or your hands. You can increase or decrease the recipe as desired, just make sure there are equal parts cinnamon and applesauce. Roll the applesauce and cinnamon dough out to be approximately 1/4" thick. Use your cookie cutters to form the desired shape. Use a straw or something equivalent to make a hole at the top for your ribbon or string to hang the cinnamon air freshener from. Leave the cinnamon air fresheners to dry on wax paper. You may want to flip them twice a day after they are mostly hard to make sure they do not curl up. Drying time may take 48 hours or more depending on the humidity in your home and the size of the air fresheners. more
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