What are some IDEAS FOR A Time Capsule CEREMONY?

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• Choose a lead person to organize the Heritage Time Capsule and the ceremony. • Create a small committee to assist the lead person. • Send out a communication to people in your organization to submit items to put in your Heritage Time Capsule. Be sure there is a dead-line. • Set a date for your ceremony. • Send out press releases and invite local officials including the Mayor, Pastor, Dean, or other dignitaries of your community. • If the dedication/ ceremony occurs before your Heritage Time Capsule is sealed, a display of the items can be interesting for onlookers. • Present a short written speech describing the meaning of the most important items in your Heritage Time Capsule. • Involve families and children. • Many groups purchase a Heritage Stone Medallion to mark the location of their Heritage Time Capsule. • Don't forget to invite the local newspaper and television networks. Your Heritage Time Capsule Ceremony will be an event that brings your community together. more
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