Everything you need to know about Dogs

Everything you need to know about Dogs

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    Dogs have lived with people for more than 11,000 years. They may have started to stay near humans for food and warmth. Then people began to train dogs to work for them. They bred certain types of dog for herding and guarding other domestic animals, then for hunting and for companionship. Gradually, different types of dogs developed, but it was not until the end of the 19th century that specific breeds were classified. Today, there are about 200 dog breeds throughout the world. They are more varied in their appearance and behavior than any other domestic animal.


    Domestic Dogs 

    All breeds of domestic dogs from the Great Dane to the Chihuahua are descended from the wolf and have inherited the wolf’s instincts. Like wolves, dogs are pack animals. They treat humans as a part of their pack, and can be trained to accept their owner as their pack leader, and to follow his or her commands.


    Dog groups

     The people of ancient Egypt and western Asia were the first to breed distinct types of dog for different purposes. By Roman times, dogs were kept for much the same reasons as they are today. There are seven main groups- working, sporting, non-sporting, terriers, hounds, toys and herding.




    Dog Groups




    Dog Features

    The wolf is designed to chase, capture, kill and eat its prey. It is agile, with strong legs for running long distances. Domestic dogs retain many of the features of a wolf, but through selective breeding now exist in any shapes, sizes and colors.



    There are three main types of dog coats- long, short and wiry. Most breeds have an outer coat of guard hairs and an undercoat of shorter hair. They moult, or shed their fur, changing their coat in 

    spring and autumn.


    Long hair

    Wiry hair


    Short hair


    Dogs walk on their toes rather than the soles of their feet. Their paw pads help with grip, as do their claws, which are non-retractable unlike the cats.



    Dogs have highly developed senses of hearing and smell. They use these in communication and to track down their prey. The police use dogs to sniff out explosives, criminals, and drugs. The dogs can see well in the dark and are good at seeing movement in the distance.




    A female dog is pregnant for about nine weeks, and then gives birth to several puppies known as a litter. At birth, puppies are blind and deaf. Their eyes open at about 10 to 12 days and they are able to hear at 13 to 17 days old. Teeth start to grow between three and five weeks of age. 




    At one week old, a puppy spends most of its time sleeping and feeding by suckling from its mother.


    At two weeks old, the puppy takes its first wobbling steps and begins to explore. Its eyes are now open and it can hear.


    At three weeks old, the puppy may start to eat solid food. At first, its mother will regurgitate meat for it.


    At six weeks old, the puppy no longer feeds from its mother. It can soon be taken away from her to a new home. 







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