1. Writing samples

    Let me specify what the writing samples mean. It doesn’t mean that you will write fresh samples for your willing client, but those are samples which are already published and which are representing your writing style, affinities, good sides and your personal style.

    You also should pick the ones that are necessary for the client’s niche, but not the fresh articles. What will happened? Your client will take your article, and the articles of all the other bidders and he will get lost.

    Bidding on Freelancer

    If you are going to bid on the Freelancer or UpWork (ex oDesk) take notice on your price. Never underbid yourself. Don’t go under your price minimum and take in consideration that there are a big number of the writers who are more than comfortable writing on much lower fees just because they convert in a weaker currency. It is normal. If you are in this disposition, then try to offer quality and improve your writing skills as much as it i possible and offer your service under the price that you find acceptable.

    Acceptable rates

    If you are an expert in some field and you know it really good, than you should look around and see what is a bidding price per article for the expert articles.

    Some people will take lower fee, just to get a good grade or to get more work. It is ok, but you have to decide for yourself. There is also a question of the invested time. How much time you will need to finish a given task. If you need only half an hour, than smaller rate is ok, but if you need to do a research, than you are losing more time that it is acceptable.



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