​How to Achieve Perfectly Sexy Lips

​How to Achieve Perfectly Sexy Lips

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  1. To achieve perfect lips that are sexy as well, it calls every woman/girl to get accustomed to a regular lip-care regimen. Despite the use of flawless makeup, majority of women don’t feel comfortable unless they manage to get their lips lined up, glossed or rather coated in color.  If you would like to get the sexiest lips possible, here are a few tricks you should try:  

    Exfoliate regularly: in order to keep your lips smooth for lipstick to glide on more evenly, try out some regular exfoliation practices once in a while. The best way to this is using easy, at-home methods using scrubs and balm sets that are specially designed to get rid of flakes while nourishing lips using simple ingredients. Using a try clean toothbrush, other than the one you use to brush your teeth, rub a little amount of Vaseline onto the bristles and then gently run it over your lips for a few minutes to get rid of the rough spots. This will eliminate dead cells on your lips and give way for fresh ones.

    Condition Using a Balm: it is virtually impractical to get a perfect pout without using a moisturizer. Gordon Espinet, global makeup artist for M.A.C Cosmetics, says one has to be a lip-conditioner junkie being the reason why you should slather on a lip balm containing plenty of moisturizing emollients such as the beeswax or glycerin in combination with antioxidants like vitamins C and E. These also help in adding color to your lips.

    Switch Lipsticks from time to time: Majority of matte shades usually contain more pigment and fewer moisturizing ingredients, being the reason as to why they last longer. However, most nonmatte lipsticks are beneficial to your lips by helping them retain moisture.  This is reference to Ronald Moy, M.D., president of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.   

    Deal with early age symptoms: premature aging is one of the most common complaints when it comes to lip care. It starts by the appearance of annoying lip lines that occur as we age and trap lipstick. Addressing the problem on a daily basis is the best solution.  In the long-run, it will be beneficial by lessening the appearance of deeper lines or wrinkles which can be much harder to deal with. Look for specially designed anti-aging that contains retinols in order to effectively fight off wrinkles. 

    Use the right liner technique: in order to carry it out the right way, start with a liner just slightly darker than your lipstick shade and outline the shape you crave for.  Moving out of your lip line will make them look fuller. Then, use the side edge of the liner tip to apply the color inward. Use a lighter lipstick to fill in. if you would like to make it an easy process, start with a nude color shade.

    Shield your lips from the sun: your lips don’t have strong defense mechanism against the harmful rays of the sun as they contain minimal levels of melanin.  This is according to Dennis Gross, M.D., a New York City dermatologist and the founder of the M.D. Skincare line. According to Gross, always ensure you use an SPF 15 lip balm under a lipstick and reapply several times throughout the day. 

    Avoid negative habits: Bad habits can potentially alter the appearance of your lips. For example, smoking can accelerate the formation of vertical lines around your mouth other than posing other major and serious health concerns. Avoid licking your lips as it can make them prone to chapping once the saliva evaporates pulling more moisture away from your lips. Avoid biting your lips even if you become overly anxious. The skin can easily get broken as it doesn’t contain the harder outer layer like in other areas of your skin.

    Use the right shade: don’t go for particular colors because they are in the current range. Not all will work for you. Before using one, test each color shade on your lip and not only at the back of your hand.  Jennifer Artur, a makeup artist and owner of A Beautiful Life beauty boutique in New Hope, Pa, says that simply don’t look at in on the tube as it will be different when applied on your face. 


    Not all women are blessed with perfectly sexy lips. However, with hundreds of lip care products in the market, you can get that sexy pout that will please every person when you wear a smile. Furthermore, they are specially formulated to come with ingredients that make your lips fuller and more attractive than you have ever thought about. It is the duty of every woman desiring a sexy pout to make sure that she is taking good care of her lips on a daily basis. If need be, the lip care regimen for sexy lips should be reapplied several time a day.  

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