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  1. If Blogging Then Yes…..

    One of the webs newest technology darlings, IFTTT promises to streamline tasks and make you more efficient based on one equation. If THIS then THAT.

    Do you save all of the pictures your friends tag of you on Facebook to your cloud? IFTTT can do that for you. Do you end up posting all of your Instagram photos to your blog? IFTTT can make it happen automatically. Furthering the "there’s an app for that" craze, IFTTT essentially lets you create your own custom apps.

    Why should bloggers care?

    With options to attach things like your Bitly account, Blogger, date and time, email, RSS feeds, Flickr, Instagram, Posterous, and many, many more, you can automate many of the daily actions that go into running your blog. Especially when it comes to backing up images or updating your social media when you write a new post, IFTTT can trim hours off of your publication time. It will even send SMS messages to your phone, so you can use it to set reminders, or get a text when something is published to your reader. The possibilities are endless, and the website has a large base of community recipes available for you to browse for inspiration or steal for your own use.

    I’ve only begun to use the application, and so far I’ve gotten lost in the endless stream of community recipes. When I signed up, I set my phone to receive an SMS whenever my supervisor at work sends me an email. Even though I have an email application on my phone, this way I know when it is something I need to look at right away. Thinking about it now, there are tons of ways I can connect important things to our Google docs. For example, each Friday Google Analytics emails me my custom analytics reports- with IFTTT I can have emails sent to me from Google Analytics automatically sent to our Google Docs so everyone else on my team can see the reports instantly.

    The If This Then That team calls it duct tape, and I think it really is the best way to describe it. It streamlines all your little activities to help these applications work for you. Now, if I can just find an app to buy my coffee and deliver it to my desk, I will be all set.

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