Review and Summary of Rango

Review and Summary of Rango

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    I’m a big fan of animated films of all sorts. This is no exception. Rango, is a fantastic movie that has put a big grin on my face. Honestly, a chameleon with a hawaiian shirt going out into the desert. Sounds like a good mix to me, personally. 


    The trailer didn’t send too many mixed signals as many trailers are known to do. Lizard is in the desert, he seems a little lost, and has to save the town of Dirt from apparently a rattle snake with a wide brimmed black hat. To me it sounded like something of an inspirational story with a lot of humor added in to raise up the thin and confused main character to the status of being a hero. My kind of movie. 


    The story is a little broader than the trailer gave off, which is good. We follow Rango to the town of Dirt after her crashes in the Mohave desert. The characters he runs into are classically funny and well played. Each of whom have personalities that stand out on their own, which i’m sure being multitudes of creatures helped with that. The adventure takes him down the path of lying to become the town sheriff to protect the town of Dirt from going dry from lack of water. And the inner workings of the town of Dirt may be in trouble not just from outside of the town’s limits but from within as well. Rango must search for a solution both within himself and to the towns crisis of water which will suck the town dry. 


    I liked the story immensely. To be quite honest it was the western I was waiting for. The past few years with the westerns that have come out have felt very, artsy. And although that could be very pleasing to the eye and possibly more realistic, it does little for the entertainment value. Rango brings out the old westerns that i’ve loved since childhood and put it’s own little spin on it. Adorable, and certainly one I think i’ll purchase when it comes out on dvd. 


    Johnny Depp fills the role very well with the awkward and likable character of Rango. Using a good dialect and playing a character playing a character. Isla Fisher was fantastic, I thought, playing the part of Beans who is Rango’s love interest. Honestly, I had no idea who was playing the role while I was watching but loved her performance. Bill Nighy, who played the part of Rattlesnake Jake, is rapidly becoming one of my favorite actors, not only for his presence on screen but for the voice he can give off which is so distinctive and, honestly, so cool. Right on up there with Christopher Lee and Sean Connery in my opinion.  All in all, great work acting.


    Visually, it is an animated film and it was very well detailed and pleasing to the eye. Great work on the guys and gals sitting at their computers for hours on end getting that one little area just so perfect and detailed to look so expertly lifelike. No slacking in this department. 


    My final say, although the movie is visually pleasing and the story is good, funny, and inspiring, it’s only flaw is very brief moments of ‘drag’. Here and there it comes in and out of existence, but does not last for very long at all. Although most animated movies are geared toward kids, this show is more aimed for the teens and adults than children. Surprising to see, but had no real factor in the score I gave it. Although, parents who are thinking on taking children to see this show might want to think it through a little. There is no graphic violence, brief language is all that can be said that could be considered ‘wary’. 


    I give it a 4.5 out of 5


    As stated above, great show, i’m definitely buying it when it comes out and intend on watching this inspirational and funny little lizard light up my screen time and time again. 

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