Best exercises this summer to keep you fit in the comfort of your home

With the summer season upon us, we generally feel extremely lethargic during the day to do anything. Workout for one is one of our least preferred activities since it requires doing exercises that make a person perspire and in the end makes them feel warmer too. However, a key fact to remember is that summer is the best time to workout since the body is more relaxed due to warmer temperatures and does not require more food (as compared to the winters). In summers, you can also relish cool natural juices, fresh fruits, veggies, slushes and smoothies – all of which can largely be consumed during summers without affecting your health.

So coming back to the topic of exercising, while due to busy schedules it may not be possible for many to hit the gym or find a park to jog in the morning if something could be done without stepping out, a lot of people would definitely consider it! However, while living in urban cities, our homes are smaller and workout equipment is relatively expensive.

But now, say hello to the best exercise machine for home. This one is super easy to use, won’t require a trainers assistance and can be used by everyone i.e. people of all ages. Lastly, this one promises to make your workouts fun and something you will look forward to including in your everyday schedule for sure! Khanh Trinh, a company well-associated with developing exercise and workout equipments and known globally brings to its audience great types of workout equipment is now here with a unique back exercise machine. The major types of back exercise devices basically include a rod or a bar and come in 3 basic types: a long bar, the curved short bar, and the straight short bar.

Here, Khanh Trinh brings to you the world-recognized pull-up bar, known for its methods of acting as the perfect device to strengthen one’s core and keep the back muscles healthy and in great shape. These are some of the benefits of using a pull-up bar for your back:

  • Does not jerk the back muscles but allows one to workout at his own comfort level

  • Is not space-consuming

  • No restriction of the time spent using the pull-up bar, however, breaks while exercising is essential

  • Leads to implausible growth over of the back muscles in a short period of time

  • Along with the back, this one will also benefit the chest, shoulders, biceps, back muscles and many other muscles.

  • It also adds a fair bit of pressure on the abdominal area and obliques.

So what is the best way to workout Using Free standing Pull up bar? Well, using the bar, pull-ups should be done rather slowly and without latent between reps. Also, make sure the pull-ups are done at a three-second recess pace. Khanh Trinh says “A typical pull-up will include having your hands at shoulder width and your palms facing you. To make a standard pull-up you will pull yourself up as a single unit until your chin is totally above the bar.”

So every day before beginning any other workout, a single pull-up is required to get your body fueled and started!

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