Consumer Reports for Cars

Consumer Reports for Cars

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  1. The Wall Street Journal reports that each year over 17 million persons buy a new car.  If you plan to join the ranks of new car buyers, congratulations! But, whether you have money in hand or have pre-arranged financing, you will get more value for your investment if you first check out what the most reputable consumer reports for cars have to say. You’ll be glad you did.  

    New Car Consumer Report Defined

    So what is a consumer report for new cars? A consumer report is a written evaluation that states the standard features listed by vehicle. It also stresses the pros and cons of the most important features of a series of vehicles. New cars are divided into smaller categories then compared by subsection. For instance, trucks are compared with trucks, while utility/SUVs are compared to each other. In each subsection, evaluations take into account technical specifications, safety, and new car highlights, among other considerations. Each new car evaluation is carefully verified to provide buyers like you with an abundance of knowledge, so that you will select the best car suited to your needs.

    Locating a New Car Consumer Report

    New car consumer reports come in multiple formats. Most are published as paperbacks or magazines. They can be purchased at your local supermarket or bookstore.  Alternatively, you can save a few bucks and peruse them at your local library.  If your library offers online catalog search capabilities, verify that they have new car consumer reports before you spend the gas. The more progressive reports are also now offered online. For instance, the Kelley Blue Book, a car consumer reporting pioneer, offers full access to their information online. According to its website, the service is free to the public. Advertisements and partners support the website. Generally speaking, the Kelley Blue Book, Consumer’s Guide Auto, and Consumer Reports Magazine are among the most common consumer reports for new cars.

    Consumer Report Features To Consider

    Depending on the composition of your family, planned use of the vehicle or budget, you will find specific features within the new car consumer reports of greater importance.

    Each subsection of a car’s evaluation offers you data for your particular purchasing needs. In the section called “Highlights,” you will discover overall facts about each car and warranty information. If you don’t want to spend too much on future car repair, this section is highly important to you. If gas mileage, transmission type, engine size or horsepower are your primary concern, the “Technical Specifications” section is where you want to go. It will also tell you the dimensions of the vehicle, if size or towing capacity concerns you.

    Although no one want to gloat, it’s true that purchasing a new car carries a certain prestige. How the vehicle looks or how luxurious the interior appears or feels can do wonders to set a great first impression for a date. It can also impress a new business contact. If so, the “Vehicle Features” section will tell you what you need to know. The section will tell you what perks the car has including DVD/Video, cruise control, air conditioning, sun roofs, and power windows or doors.

    Finally, don’t you want to know how safe your intended new car will be?  The consumer report includes safety ratings and describes how well the car performed during crash tests. It also includes the car’s available safety features. By comparing and discovering what each new car can offer in style, performance and safety, you will know with confidence which new car is best for you, your loved ones, and your pocket book.

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