Eliminate Fructose is to Fuel Weight Loss, Lower Cancer Risk

Eliminate Fructose is to Fuel Weight Loss, Lower Cancer Risk

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  1. The link between fructose consumption and many forms of cancer are quite evident, as this form of sugar derived from fruit provides fuel to cancer cells, causing them to divide and proliferate. Fructose is an inexpensive sweetener used in many processed foods and drinks, and is most frequently found in its super-charged form, high fructose corn syrup. You can dramatically lower your risk for developing many of the most deadly types of cancer as you naturally lose weight by diligently reading nutrition labels to eliminate fructose from your diet.

    Fructose Promotes Cancer Proliferation

    For some time, medical researchers have known that sugar in the form of glucose is the main energy source which cancer cells use to initiate. Information published in the journal Cancer Research shows that cancer cells use glucose and fructose in different ways to fuel growth, and fructose specifically provides the mechanism which leads to cellular accelerated proliferation and metastasis. They conclude that restricting both glucose and especially fructose are essential to cancer prevention and controlling existing disease.

    Metabolic Syndrome and Excess Weight Blamed on High Fructose Diet

    It`s no secret that waistlines have been expanding at disproportionate rates over the past half century, and volumes of scientific evidence now point to the primary suspect in this epidemic, fructose. Our body metabolizes fructose differently than glucose, and doesn`t trigger the same insulin response compared with sugar or simple carbohydrates.

    Our appetite hormones, leptin and ghrelin are thrown off balance and don`t register fructose calories as energy consumed, meaning we`re much more inclined to keep eating. As this process continues over the course of many years, it leads to insulin resistance, metabolic disorder and contributes to the rising rates of obesity experienced by many unsuspecting people.

    Fructose Consumption Increased Five-Fold over the Past 100 Years

    A century ago, the average daily consumption of fructose was around 15 grams, a far cry from the typical 73 gram dose we receive today. More importantly, the small amount eaten by our ancestors was largely from fruit, where the fructose is bound to fiber and isn’t released to the bloodstream as quickly. By contrast, today we consume mostly high fructose corn syrup which has been artificially produced in a laboratory, and exerts a much higher degree of metabolic dysfunction in this ultra concentrated form.

    Reduce Fructose to Avoid Cancer, Assist Weight Loss

    Food manufacturers have been using high fructose corn syrup in ever increasing quantities as an inexpensive sweetener for the past 40 years, with obesity levels and fructose sensitive cancers increasing in linear proportion. The only way to purge this unnatural poison from your food supply is to carefully read every nutrition label for the presence of corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup and the newly coined marketing term, corn sugar. Avoid any sweetened soft drinks and especially fruit juices, as well as all processed or prepared foods. You’ll find fructose in one of its many forms in virtually every type of food which has been manufactured for mass consumption.

    Excess dietary fructose has been shown to contribute to metabolic dysfunction, increased abdominal fat storage and the proliferation of many forms of deadly cancers. Individuals who know they are insulin resistant, pre-diabetic or have been diagnosed with cancer should drastically limit fruit intake and eliminate high fructose corn syrup entirely. Health conscious individuals will want to carefully monitor the amount of fructose they eat to avoid the significant health concerns attributable to this simple fruit sugar.

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