1. How to Cope With Stress…

    At Your Job

    Having an intense job is one thing. But, having additional stress from co-workers and management takes it to a totally different level. In our daily lives we experience stress trying to satisfy clients, keep working relationships with co-workers, and doing what we can to impress supervisors.

    As well as, the pressures we experience at home trying to please the spouse and kids, and/or pets. Not to mention, keeping track of finances and other household duties.

    As life gets more and more intense, we find it harder and harder to find that “happy place”; a place where no one asks a thing from you…but to relax.  Some of us have yet to discover this “euphoria” in fear that, if it does exist, it will be too costly or just plain illegal.

    Nevertheless, there are many simple, yet legal, and cost-effective ways to unwind from a stressful day at work. These methods can help us to be happier individuals; while improving both our overall mental and physical wellness in the process.   


    Massage therapy is by far the best way to force our bodies to relax. There is something about lying down on a massage table, and letting a therapist manipulate and stretch our muscles; while we close our eyes and completely relax every bone in our bodies. Not only does this rejuvenate the mind and body, but it also soothes the spirit by allowing us to manifest our inner thoughts more clearly. A good massage can cost as little as $45 dollars for a half hour session, or $80 dollars for a full hour service. It is important to get regular massages at least twice a month.

    Massage therapy is so beneficial, because when muscles are both manipulated and stretched out of their normal position lactic acid, toxins, and lymph fluids are all released into the blood stream, and eliminated by way of the body’s normal cleansing process. Therefore, we feel better immediately, and our system performs better for a week or more thereafter.


    Bubble baths are another way to relax the mind and body, and soothe the spirit as well.  They are one of the most cost-effective methods. Although the effects of bubble baths are immediate, they don’t last as long as massage therapy. However, bubble baths are highly recommended by therapy professional to prolong the benefits of massage, and to increase overall circulation.

    Aromatherapy, such as lavender and eucalyptus, are great essential oils to add to bubble baths. They keep the skin hydrated, while calming the nervous system, and relaxing the muscular system, all at the same time.


    Remember how relaxed you felt when it rained so hard the power shut off, and everything grew silent; forcing you and your family to gather around the candle light and share quality time together?

    Many of us associate candles with that same sense of calmness and well-being. Try unwinding with scented candles after a long days work. They are good to use alone, or while soaking in a nice hot bubble bath.


    Exercise is a great way to burn off some stress and unwanted calories, all at the same time. Take a walk or run in the park, go to the gym for a more controlled work-out, or participate in an aerobic, yoga, or Pilate’s class; at a studio or in the comfort of your own home. The benefits of exercise are equal to the benefits massage. However, the only difference is that massage is involuntary, and exercise in completely voluntary.

    Weather voluntary or involuntary, massage therapy, exercise, hot bubble baths and scented candles are simple and inexpensive ways to:

    • Reduce Stress
    • Increase Circulation
    • Increase Flexibility
    • Relax the mind
    • Calm the spirit
    • Create a feeling of well-being (by releasing endorphins)
    • Eliminate toxins throughout the body

    No matter what your profession is there will always be anxiety at your job. Therefore, it is important to learn methods to cope with these stresses to rejuvenate yourself, and to prepare yourself for what the next work day will bring.


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