New Online Reservation System for Disney Dining

New Online Reservation System for Disney Dining

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  1. Last year Disney launched its online dining reservation system and there was much rejoicing by Disney fans.  Gone would be the days of waking up at 7 a.m. EST to call the reservation center, and waiting anxiously while a cast member searched for your selections. However, the new system had many flaws and most guests have been underwhelmed with their search results.

    Fortunately, the great minds at Disney continued to work on the system and recently rolled out a new and improved online dining reservation system. Now you can find restaurants that meet your specific needs by searching for the following at once:  restaurant location (specific park or resort), type of cuisine, time and dining plan participants. The dining plan option is especially helpful—no more guessing or searching for details about the restaurant when you’re not sure. Another plus is that you can now simply enter your total party size, rather than the number of adults, number of children, and children’s ages. Of course, you can still search for a specific restaurant by name.

    In addition to showing you all of the restaurants that are available during your specific time, the new system will also show you the restaurants that are available during the four-hour window surrounding that time, as well as the restaurants that are not available. I’m not sure why they thought that would be helpful, but it’s there if you need it.

    Other nice things about the new system:  you can have it show you ALL of the restaurants that are available on a specific date and time range, and if you hover over the restaurant’s name, a pop-up box will appear that gives you full details including hours of service and an option to see a PDF of the menu.

    To check out the new system, visit

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