Reasons Why You Should Regularly Change Your Engine Oil

Reasons Why You Should Regularly Change Your Engine Oil

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  1. Automotive manufactures recommend that you should change your oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Neglecting to do this could result in serious damage requiring major car repairs. Many car experts claim that car repairs can be prevented in many cases just by changing the oil. The regular cost of an oil change is approximately $30.00, which is less than half of the average auto mechanics hourly rate. This concept brings to mind a familiar saying, “You can pay a little now or a lot later.” Let us consider how this point has merit as we apply it to regularly changing the oil.

    When Oil Turns To Sludge

    Typically, when engine oil breaks down it turns black in color and starts to turn into sludge. The sludge process has many different stages. The first stage we call the viscosity break down stage. Viscosity break down occurs when oil heats up and dries out. During this break down process, the oil’s density changes from thin to thick. As friction and heat consume, the thin watery like oil starts to harden into a pudding like gel. As time goes by, the sludge gets even thicker until it is unable to circulate through the engine. Engine sludge can contribute to severe engine damage. Car repairs such as changing oil pumps, piston rod bearings, pistons, camshaft bearings, and crankshaft bearings can be caused by severe sludge in the engine. In some cases, poor oil circulation can cause the engine block to heat up to the point of fracture, which will cost thousands of dollars to replace.

    Longevity of Your Vehicle

    Studies have shown that regular oil changes can add life to your vehicle. The average life of a new car today is about 8 to 10 years. A few well built cars that are properly maintained can last around 15 years. The price of a decent new car these days can cost about $25,000.00. As you can see, it is more beneficial to take care of your vehicle to get the most out of it. Regularly changing the oil will reduce break downs and car repair expenses. Regular oil changes can also add life to your engine, which will prevent you for having another car payment. Imagine, that you had to buy another car that costs $25,000.00. Even with no interest you would have to pay $416.66 over the next 60 months. For many of us, that is one expense we can do without.

    Not Covered Under Warranty

    Your warranty on your vehicle could be voided especially if the damage incurred could be prevented by you. The most common reason for sludge build up is due to lack of regular oil changes and using conventional oil instead of synthetic oil. If the service department determines that the damage was the result of poor preventative maintenance, your warranty may be worthless. Even if, you regularly change your oil, if there is sludge build up, which came from regular driving, the manufacturer can cite neglect on your part. Regular scheduled oil changes, under any condition, are the responsibility of the owner of the car, not the manufacturer. Car repairs from that point further would be your responsibility.

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