safewow Neverwinter Astral Diamond PS4 for Sale:NW PS4 Recruiting Guilds

safewow Neverwinter Astral Diamond PS4 for Sale:NW PS4 Recruiting Guilds

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  1. Hello adventures! At the request of some players, we offer one list of guilds for Neverwinter PS4, which are currently recruiting. For each guild, requirements for joining it are also listed based on the statement on its site. This list and Cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamond PS4 offered by Safewow will contribute to your choosing a suitable guild and your Neverwinter adventure.

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    Recruiting guilds list for Neverwinter PS4

    ? Team Fencebane: No exploiters. Accept players of all play types, builds, classes, and experience levels. PVP or PVE,
    ? Remnants of an Empire: Casual guild. Requires mic, age 18+.
    ? The Storm Knight Adventuring Company: Follow Elementalstorm23 on Twitch. Mostly PvE, Roleplaying, active end game content.
    ? Knox’s Irregulars: Age 18+. It trys to help with mimic donations (influence, etc.)
    ? Syndicate: Web signup and mic/headset are required
    ? House Stargaryen: Web signup. No minimum level requirements
    For all the guilds above, you can find their website links on Safewow Facebook. If you know there is any other guild for PS4 which is recruiting but not on the list, you can tell and discuss with us on Safewow Facebook. We will keep the list updated as you expect.

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